May 14, 2011

Hand-made Cards

Well, I have no excuse for not posting for almost six months a while. :)

The last six months included a major surgery and six weeks off work, no freezer meals, little well as lots of changes with our family, including a new daughter-in-law.

So I won't bother to try to catch up, but rather, I'll get right to the point of this post!

I've been making greeting cards! With my Silhouette that hubby bought me for Christmas. I am still just a beginner, but I'm having a ton of fun with this.

Here are the cards I made this last week:

A Mother's Day card for my Mother-in-Law. We will be celebrating Mother's Day this Sunday, so I'm not late. :)

Another card for my Mother-in-Law; this one from the boys.

A birthday card for my niece:

Two cards for hubby's birthday; one from me and the other from the boys...I'm sure you can figure out which is which:

A birthday card for my Sister-in-Law. Hmmm...I should probably make an Aunt card from the boys.

A wedding shower card. I really like how this turned out. It was my first time using the print & cut feature of the Silhouette.

And two baby shower cards...for two different friends. :)

Next on my list is to make a wedding card, two welcome baby cards, a congrats card, a graduation card, and father's day cards.

I think my Silhouette will be quite busy!

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