Jan 3, 2013

A Card a Day for 2013

Welcome 2013! I dislike new year resolutions. Mostly because I rarely keep them. I start off with excellent intentions, but life tends to distract me from them. Sound familiar? I think most people tend to be the same. So I am not going to call this a resolution. I'm not calling it a goal. I'm not giving it a label of any kind. But I'm starting off 2013 with the idea of making a card a day. Obviously, there will be days that will be impossible. But there should be other days where I make more than one card. So maybe it will even out. Maybe I'll even get a jump start on my Christmas cards for 2013. Wouldn't that be nice? :) So here is Card #1 for 2013:

And Card #2 - a simple birthday card for my son turning 30:

I really need to use up some of my stash, so let's hope I stick to this plan!

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