May 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 05/03/10

Wow, I have been lazy lately! I plan menus each week, but the weekends seem to get away from me. So we either eat out or I throw something together quickly - instead of preparing what I had previously planned on and shopped for!

So this week's menu plan has a few dinners carried forward from last week....

Monday - CP Layered Beef ‘n Taters
I'm not sure why, but this burned on the bottom and sides of my crockpot. It was still edible, but had a bit of a charred taste. I think my new crockpot cooks much hotter than my old one.
Tuesday - Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti, Salad
I really like this casserole! I think I will add a bit more buffalo sauce before cooking this time.
Wednesday - Creamy Cheesy Chicken, Veggies, Rice or Pasta
An old standby that is super easy to throw together before work.
Thursday - Creamy Paprika Chicken, Not sure what sides yet
I didn't really care for this last time I made it, so I plan on tweaking it a bit. I have no idea how, but I'll add something to it to before or after cooking.
FridaySpicy Chicken ‘n Rice
A holdover from last week. I really want to try this so I'm hoping Friday will be a slow day.
SaturdayCrockpot Kielbasa ‘n Dirty Rice
And another holdover from last week. This might not get made as I'm hoping to go see my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. But since I haven't confirmed with hubby, one never knows.
Sunday – Mother's Day
Can I say I'm not cooking? I don't care if we eat at Taco Bell, I'm not cooking! :)

And a recap from last week:

The Balsamic Beef didn't thrill me, but I used a larger chunk of beef than the recipe called for and probably should have adjusted the balsamic vinegar accordingly. My bad.

The Oriental Porkchops were delish! They cooked in the sauce and were so tender they fell apart (oops) but I shredded them and mixed with brown rice and poured a bit of the sauce over it and I think I found a new way to serve these!

If you need more menu ideas, be sure to check out the links at Organizing Junkie's site!

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