Apr 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 04/26/10

This week we will be eating.....

Monday - Hamburgers, Salad
Supposed to be on last week's menu, but flexibility is our middle name! I mixed these with dry onion soup mix, put a bit of cheese in the middle and grilled them on the George Foreman. Fast, easy, and yummy. These will become part of my next freezer plan.
Tuesday - Swedish Meatballs over pasta, Salad
Cheating a bit here as I bought up a bunch of meatballs at Safeway when they had them on sale.
Wednesday - Chicken topped with Cream of Chicken Soup & Parmesan Cheese, Veggies
Thursday - Balsamic Beef ‘n Pasta, Salad
This is a new recipe and I'm hoping it is a keeper as I'm getting a bit tired of our standby crockpot roast recipe.
FridaySpicy Chicken ‘n Rice, Veggies
Another new recipe; it sure sounds like something my family will like.
SaturdayCrockpot Kielbalsa ‘n Dirty Rice
And yet another new recipe. I love to try new recipes!
Sunday –Oriental Porkchops, Salad

If things go like most weeks, we won't get to all of these meals this week. We usually end up eating out one day a week. Eating from the freezer is great for our lifestyle as I know the food won't spoil if we don't eat it right away. I also like to swap my planned meals to different days during the week depending on our schedule.

So that's the plan...we will see how it goes!

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