Oct 11, 2010

Bargains Update

Well, as I suspected, Rite Aid did not have any of the Pro-X Cleanser. So I came up with a new plan and I'm quite happy with the results. Here's what I did:

6.99 Folgers
4.99 Nyquil Sinus
4.99 Dayquil Sinux
2.99 Sucrets
1.49 Blistex
3.56 (4) Gain
-1/10 Wellness Cold
-1 Folgers mq
-8 (2) $4 Nyquil Sinus mq
-1.50 Sucrets mq
-4 (4) $1 Gain mq (forgot to remind cashier to price adjust)
-4 UPR

I got back $5 in UPR (for some reason I got two for the coffee) and will get back 2.99 and 1.49 in SCR (for the Sucrets and Blistex). So almost free coffee and we have cold medicine for Winter!!

I also popped into CVS to see if they had received any of the Vitality Toothbrushes that I got a raincheck for two weeks ago. The shelves were still empty, but the manager said he would try to special order them. I sure hope I can get some before my coupon expires the end of the month.

While there, I did the P&G Deal - Buy $25 get $10 ECBs. I picked up two Charmin and one Bounty. The store I shop at is super as they take expired CVS coupons as well as expired ECBs. I was able to use a $5/$25 coupon and $6.50 in ECBs so I paid about $11 for it all (after ECBs). Not a super deal, but way better than paying full price.

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