Oct 5, 2010

October To-Do List

Each month, I am posting a To-Do list.

Not a list of things that I know I will accomplish - but rather things that I wish to accomplish in addition to the regular to-dos of my life.

Here's my to-do list for October:

Around the house:

-Clean and organize bathroom drawers and shelves
-Re-label shoe boxes with labels that will stay on
-Go through 2 of my dresser drawers
-Spend 1 hour working in the dining room

On the crafty side

-Paint the pot for kitchen utensils as well as some clothes pins
-Work on clothes pin kitchen holder idea
-Create new printable and upload (maybe recipe cards?)
-Begin working on new graphics set for store

In the Kitchen

-Try one new recipe each week
-Week one –
-Week two –
-Week three –
-Week four –
-Organize Recipe Binder


-Continue memorizing Romans 12
-Work on Changed Into His Image daily

So...what things do you think you might be able to add to your everyday doings? Why don't you create a list for yourself? I know I won't get everything crossed off my list, but every item I can cross off is one step closer to where I want to be.

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