Aug 25, 2010

Binder Front Subway Art

I've noticed that the web is full of DIY Subway Art lately. You can read how to make a friend board here. And Tatertots & Jello actually hosted a Subway Art Party! Check it out to see all of the amazing projects that have been made.

Yesterday, I finished up the last of our back-to-school son needed a new binder and he had a specific one in mind. So off to Staples we went so he could buy a one-touch know the kind...that you can open the prongs with one hand. They are a bit more expensive, but since we have everything else he needs already in our stockpile of school/office supplies, I figured it was okay.

The binder he got this year was made by Avery and has the plastic pocket on front and back where you can slip in photos, pictures, etc.

So, when we got home, I was thinking about his binder and started playing around with Paintshop Pro. This is what I made:

I printed it out and slipped it inside his new binder and said, "Look what I made for you!"

Lol...he was a bit stunned. Let's recall that he is 16. And he said one word:



So now I know....16 + Subway Art = No thanks.

But I still think it is cute and a younger boy or girl might really think it is cool. Or maybe I am just a bit wacko.

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