Jan 11, 2010

Memorizing Bible Verses

I came across a blog post last week that made me think about my progress in memorizing scripture…or perhaps I should say my lack of progress.

This past year I have felt compelled to memorize scripture, but my success has been minimal. I have been able to memorize a few verses, but I have failed in memorizing most of the references, which I feel is really important.

Anyway, this blog post I found was about a way to memorize scripture and I think this might work for me. The original post can be found here (and she found it here.). I don’t know who the person is who wrote it and I cannot say that I do or don't agree with her spiritual convictions, because I haven’t read through her blog and don’t know what they are. But I really liked the way this memorization system is set up and I’ve set about to make one for myself.

I will outline it here:

I used some heavy scrapbooking card stock that I had at home to make up 40 index card dividers. I labeled these: Daily, Odd, Even, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the numbers 1-30.

You start by placing your first verse behind the daily slot. This is to be reviewed daily. Once you feel you know it, move it behind odd and place a new verse behind daily.

Then each day you will review your daily verse plus on odd numbered days of the month you review the verse behind odd. Each time you master a verse, every verse is moved back by one spot.

You will eventually be reviewing four verses a day: the daily verse, the odd or even verse, the verse behind the day of the week, and the verse behind the day of the month. For example on Monday, 1/11/10, you would review the verses behind daily, odd, Monday, and 11.

So when a verse feels comfortable, you will still review it every other day and then later once a week and then eventually just once a month.

So I’ve got my dividers and my verses ready to go – now I need to find a box to hold it all. I will probably end up with an index card holder to begin with until I can find a cute box as a more permanent holder.

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