Apr 23, 2010

We are actually eating this week....

...even though I didn't post a menu plan!

I tend to get busy with life. And forget that I wanted to regularly post our menu plans so that I would be able to go back and use them for those future weeks when I have no idea what to cook.

So...better late than never...here is what we had/will have this week.

Monday - Ultimate Beef Stroganoff
The link is no longer working for this recipe so I am guessing the original poster removed it for some reason. I will post the recipe right after this post. (Although I did cheat a bit when making it this week - I didn't make the roux, but instead mixed the beef with a can of cream of mushroom soup - it was still good.)
Tuesday - Mexican Penne
This recipe is one that I love. Even after freezing, my family still really likes it. I was worried that the pasta would lose it's texture after freezing, but it doesn't and I plan on putting this on my next freezer cooking plan. It's a keeper!
Wednesday - Roast
In the crockpot w/cream of mushroom soup and a packet of onion soup mix. Throw in a bunch of baby carrots and some cut-up potatoes and dinner is done.
Thursday - Sue Sue’s Casserole
This is another tried 'n true recipe that freezes well. Sue Sue's casserole is one of those meals that is perfect for giving away or for potlucks.
Friday – Hamburgers
I plan on mixing the ground beef with a packet of dried onion soup mix - maybe putting some cheese in the middle. I want to come up with something a bit different than regular hamburgers that I can add to my next freezer plan.
Saturday –Fajitas
I will be using the fajita seasoning mix I posted about here or the mix here.
Sunday – Porkchops
This is a recipe my mom used to make. And so easy. Simply put porkchops in a baking dish, cover with cream of mushroom soup and french-fried onions and bake. My family loves it and I love how easy it is to make.

That's it for this week and next week will (hopefully) be posted soon.

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